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Verumtrade is an international company with its own digital currency, which is active
Is engaged in its development in the community of crypto-currencies, coordinates the work of traders,
Carries out mining, studies and invests in new start-ups to achieve high

Goals and mission

Maximum participation in the global implementation of the decentralized system of blockages into everyday life.
Ensuring constant profit by our investors and increasing the company's capital.
Construction of a global network of coin holders and implementation of operations through a multi-level marketing.
Popularization of its own digital currency with a focus on cyber security, security of payments and communications.
Creation of own cryptocurrency exchange.
Partnership with other global sites and interaction with the market of commerce.


The company mined both Verumcoin and other resource-rich coins, constantly increasing the capacity of the equipment.
Own digital currency Verumcoin
VerumTrade has developed its own digital currency - VerumCoin, whose goal is to create a decentralized block system with a focus on cybersecurity, security of payments and communications.
VerumTrade is engaged in trading profiling crypto-currency pairs on major world sites. This direction is led by a formed group of traders with many years of trading and capital management experience.
This is the search and analytics of ICO projects for further investment in the best start-ups, so that they have the opportunity to develop and grow into large business projects.
Kredit platform
After at the beginning of this year the bitcoin rate was corrected, it was unprofitable to sell the crypto currency at such a rate. After all, in all likelihood, a new wave of growth will soon come. But if money is needed urgently, an alternative way has emerged: how to save the crypto currency and get the money into circulation. Such an opportunity is provided by Verum, which offers loans secured by crypto currency. The company uses its own capital to provide income even in the most severe drawdowns of the market.
This is an index built on the basis of leading crypto currencies in the market and is a stable asset that absorbs excessive volatility of kriptonka due to its diverse factors.


A billion-dollar growing market.
Developing own trading strategy, which every day brings profit to the company's investors.
Use short-term and long-term trading, which has a different ratio of risk and profit.
Trading robots allow you to make a lot of transactions throughout the day, which allows you to earn every day, regardless of the trend in the market.
Investing in promising (new or with a small amount of trading) crypto currency that allows to have high profitability.
Several sources of income from different directions.
Own cryptocurrency.
Beneficial partnership program.
Receiving passive investments

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on Verum Trade and acquaintance with portfolios
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to the account Verum Trade from the purse Bitcoin
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Irena Mazur
Irena Mazur
I am interested in investing and crypto currencies. Found VerumTrade online. From site generally I understood how it works. Looks simple. Wrote them. The manager wrote me back and explained what to do and how it works. I bought a package for $ 500 at 16% per month (11 payments). Liked it, so I’m planing to invest another 3000 $ there is a higher percentage and 12 payments. Works.
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Роман Керчин
Роман Керчин
Время от времени вкладываю средства в различные инвестиционные проекты для получения пассивного дохода. Бывает по разному)), и не всегда удачно. О компании VerumTrade узнал через интернет. Зашел на сайт, заинтересовался, написал. Со мной связался менеджер и подробно разъяснил как работает компания и как я могу инвестировать. Поверил и купил инвестиционный пакет на 100 $, получил обещанные дивиденды. Проверил что все заявленное выполняется, поэтому купил еще пакет на 3000 $. Ежемесячно получаю дивиденды, вывожу. Проверил сам, а потому и советую.
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